Discussion: Job Analyses Thinking about your past employment opportunities, have you ever wondered what qualifications and skills were necessary for a job? Now, consider as a manager why it would be important to know of all of the necessary qualifications of a new position prior to hiring? How does effective job design contribute to employee retention? This week, you have been introduced to the process of completing a job analysis. This information can then be used for two primary outcomes: a) job descriptions and b) job specifications. With these thoughts in mind: Select a topic from this week’s readings that interests you the most. Consider a real-world situation that relates to or could be addressed utilizing primary concepts from the assigned readings. By Day 3 Post your response. Your post should be approximately 200–250 words in length. Include the following: Does job analysis benefit an organization? Why or why not? Explain how job design assists with attracting, selecting, and retaining quality talent. Describe a real-world situation that incorporates the use of a job analysis or design strategy to attract and retain quality talent. How effectively does this strategy support the notion of strategic human resources?