FINAL PAPER: Write a 2,000 word paper in APA format incorporating the feedback from your instructor throughout the course using the Business Design outline below. Apply an overview of the  foundations examined throughout the course to a specific industry or company in the business sector and describe the implications for organizational leaders. Include a minimum of 7–10 scholarly sources using, Grantham’s Library, or the textbook. Be sure to include in-text citations supporting your research to include statements of fact, figures, and dates.   Template attached below       REMEMBER MY PROFESSORS FEEDBACK WHEN WRITING THE PAPER:  It is very important that you cite properly and consistently throughout your paragraphs.  You “just” begin or end with a citation.  You should make your point and then in the next sentence support it with a paraphrased citation; make another point and support with a citation, etc.  The way you have it here implies you believe that beginning or ending a paragraph with citation information somehow “covers” anything you paraphrased. That is not the case and could lead to plagiarism issues. Any sentence that is paraphrased from a source must be acknowledged with citation information.