Your job is to critically evaluate the following journal article: Johnstone S., 2018, Employment practices, labour flexibility and the Great Recession: An automotive case study, Economic and Industrial Democracy 1–23. In particular you need to: Summarise your understanding of the core findings put forward by      the authors.  Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the article, commenting      especially on: (a) the methodology, (b) the structure and clarity of the      argument, (c) the extent and relevance of the literature and related      concepts, models and theories on which the author draws. Discuss the relevance of the findings beyond the United Kingdom. Arising from your whole evaluation, draw conclusions about the      usefulness and value of the article and then make theoretically as well as      practically informed recommendations for future research and professional      practice vis a vis Labour Flexibility. You must make sure to go well      beyond just repeating the conclusions and recommendations of the authors. Write an evaluative report which meets the assignment brief above and which should be a maximum of 2,500 words long (excluding title, contents page, executive summary, references and appendices).