the question is Describe three different approaches to appraisal as well as their strengths and weaknesses.    for this part I want the three are Trait-based system, Behavior-based system, and Result-based system.    also you must integrate it into the question (e.g., how different types assist in getting different types of information and provide different types of feedback).  and Give examples of each kind of question.   Describe a relatively thorough appraisal system with at least five components   I want you include in this part to explain how the apprisal system work    to answer these question what about the entire process?    Does the employee contribute?  Does a supervisor review?  Is HR involved?  Is there a meeting?   you will find the answer from the file and here   in this part. you are to make up a system that includes all the appropriate parts. also, the five elements must describe how they can fit together in a cycle.  A better description of evaluation as more of a year long event.       I will attache a word file that has a lot information about the appraisal ( from my Prof )   I want this in four pages