These questions are developed for this and designed to measure your understanding of the training needs analysis process as presented in chapter 4 of the text. Please provide substantive meaningful responses and examples to demonstrate your understanding of the topics presented. Responses should be approximately 200 words or more per question. Sources must be identified by in-text citations and a reference page. QUESTION 1 Explain what competencies are and why they are popular in training departments. How are competency models related to job analysis? QUESTION 2 How would you go about handling non-training needs? Why is proper management of non-training needs important to the organization? QUESTION 3 To obtain person analysis data, would it be sufficient to use the performance appraisal completed by the supervisor? How would you obtain the best information possible if performance appraisal data must be used? How do self-ratings fit into this approach? QUESTION 4 Explain the approach you would take in analyzing the future training needs of your current organization. QUESTION 5  Describe the  data sources within the organization that could be used to identify individual  or organizational performance gaps?