This week, pay attention to the news (either local or national). Think about the civil liberties discussed in Chapter 4 of the textbook. Which civil liberties are currently being discussed in the news this week? Choose one of the civil liberties that are currently in the news for the journal reflection.  Discuss the news story that touched on one of our civil liberties. This journal will have two main sections. Please be sure to address both parts of the journal for full credit. See the journal rubric for a detailed explanation of what is expected.  Summarize the news story that involves one of our civil liberties. Present both sides of the debate if there is disagreement about the issue. Does the news story mention the Constitution? Which amendment to the Constitution is being discussed in the news story? Reflect on how the journalists and/or news pundits are covering the issue. Are the reporters accurate in what they are saying about the issue? Is there a lot of controversy about the issue or are most people in agreement about it?  How do you feel about the issue? Do you agree with or disagree with what you see on the news surrounding this issue? Why? What is your basis for support or opposition to the issue being discussed?