1. Which is an example of a search statement correctly using the advanced searching technique nesting?
  2. Which advanced searching technique is correctly used in the search statement: toddler AND “Montessori school”
  3. Both a scientist generating data based on observations of the life cycle of a butterfly, and a college student writing a critique of an artwork, are examples of:
  4. The production and use of __________ is typically cyclical.
  5. The most common types of information you will encounter when doing academic research are __________.
  6. Which of the following best describes the difference between primary and secondary sources?

You need both primary and secondary sources for your criminal justice research paper. Answer the following two questions about the types of sources.

  1. Your instructor told you that one of your selected sources listed below is not a secondary source. Which of these sources will you have to replace?
  1. criminal justice textbook
  2. eyewitness account
  3. literature review published in a law journal
  4. all three are examples of secondary sources
  5. trial transcript
  6. prisoner’s diary
  7. census data
  8. criminal justice literature review
  9. contain materials that support the research needs of faculty and students.
  10. include four-year public college libraries, four-year private college libraries, university libraries, and two-year community college libraries.
  11. include many that are open to the public and if you are unable to borrow materials, you can often use their resources on site.
  12. all of the above
  13. may be a good place to start your academic research even though most do not own the large collections of scholarly books and specialized journals appropriate for more in-depth investigation that a research library contains.
  14. do not vary in the amount and types of resources offered.
  15. do not have electronic research databases.
  16. are only located in cities or towns with more than 250,000 people.
  17. Government depository libraries have broad collections that can be used for research on governmental issues.
  18. Government depository libraries were established by Congress to ensure the American public has access to published U.S. government information.
  19. Government documents are available only in print form in a government depository library.
  20. Government depository libraries often include state law libraries.
  21. periodical databases
  22. statistical databases
  23. reference databases
  24. electronic book databases
  25. a newspaper article
  26. an article from a trade publication
  27. a magazine article
  28. a scholarly journal article
  29. “Irish Babies, African Mothers: Rites of Passage and Rights in Citizenship in Post-Millennial Ireland”
  30. “How Many Irish Potato Famine Deaths? Toward Coherence of the Evidence”
  31. “‘Good Man, Mary!’ Women Musicians and the Fraternity of Irish Traditional Music”
  32. “‘The Gloomy Forebodings of this Dread Disease,’ Climate, Famine and Sleeping Sickness in East Africa”
  33. identify the author
  34. cite the source in your paper
  35. evaluate the content of the source
  36. determine the date it was published
  37. authority
  38. reliability
  39. coverage
  40. currency
  41. If you paraphrase or summarize an idea from another work, you must also supply an in-text citation or reference to the source as well as a full citation at the end of your paper.
  42. If you quote another work word for word, you must put the passage in quotation marks, but you need not include a citation in a works cited or references list.
  43. If you quote another work word for word, you do not have to put the passage in quotation marks and only need to use a citation in the text of your paper.
  44. If you paraphrase or summarize an idea from another work, you must supply an in-text citation or reference to the source, but do not need a full citation at the end of your paper.